Garden name Change FAQs
With all the changes happening at the garden, will it still be open to visitors this year?
The garden opens to visitors for the 2017 season on May 1. While construction activities will impact parts of the garden, in particular around the Calla Pond and entry to the main garden, there are still many key areas unaffected, including the Kurimoto Japanese Garden, the showhouses, the Alpine Garden, the Native Peoples Garden and much more. Special events and programming will continue, with some modifications to accommodate construction. Much of the work will be visible to the public, and will provide a fascinating glimpse into the developments.

I have a wedding/private function booked at the garden this year. With the name change, will my guests be able to find it online?
It will take some time to change all the occurrences of the name; after 40 years as the Devonian Botanic Garden, there is a lot to change. Visitors searching for the “Devonian Botanic Garden” online will be redirected to our new URL: .

Will my season passes and coupons that have the old name printed on them still be accepted?
Yes, we’ll be accepting any passes and coupons with the old name, up until the expiry date on the passes/coupons.

Wasn’t the Devonian Botanic Garden name a reference to the Devonian geologic period?
The old name was not connected with the Devonian geologic period, nor was it in reference to the nearby town of Devon. The garden was named the “Devonian Botanic Garden” in recognition of the Devonian Foundation, after the philanthropic organization made a significant contribution to the Garden in the 1970s.

Is the garden connected to the Devonian Garden in Calgary?

The Devonian Garden, a small indoor garden located in a downtown Calgary office tower, is owned and operated by the City of Calgary, and is not connected to the University of Alberta Botanic Garden. Common confusion between these two very different properties is one of the reasons for the name change.

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