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Construction of the 4.8 hectare Aga Khan Garden is well underway. Construction of the spectacular new feature garden, made possible by a $25-million donation to the University of Alberta, is scheduled to be completed by summer 2018.

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Pavilion at Aga Khan Garden

The design of the Aga Khan Garden includes a pavilion, which is critical, both aesthetically and functionally, to achieving the vision for the Aga Khan Garden at the University of Alberta Botanic Garden. Your support is needed to build the pavilion.

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Garden Video Tour

View the landscape architect's preview video of the new Aga Khan Garden. It begins with secluded forest paths and opens to wide, stepped terraces that adapt with the seasons. Geometric water features stream into wetlands and a spectacular orchard.

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Concept Illustrations

This is just the second Islamic garden in North America and the northernmost in the world. Designed by Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects, these concept illustrations show the Aga Khan Garden’s layout and features.

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Designing the Garden

In this series of videos, learn more from the landscape architect about the details of the garden.

Overview Video
The traditions of the Islamic landscape are remarkably diverse but have common elements. The new Aga Khan Garden incorporates some of those basic common elements, adapted for the four seasons of Alberta. The result is a truly unique, beautiful and meaningful space.

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Educational Programming

This garden will significantly add to the curated collections, educational programming, research and conservation efforts of the UAlberta Botanic Garden.

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A Garden for All Seasons

The landscape architect discusses how local plants featured in the garden respond to the seasonal changes and the paths are highlighted against the woods.

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Importance of Geometry

The geometric structure of this garden acts as a framework for the local wetlands and honours the ridges of sand dunes that were once an ancient glacial lake.

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Natural Performance Space

A natural opening in the woods provides an opportunity for a special learning and entertainment space in the Aga Khan Garden.

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A Gift of Connection and Transformation

The Aga Khan Garden, Alberta is a symbol of the ongoing partnership between the University of Alberta and the Aga Khan Development Network—a collaboration that has fostered intellectual, cultural and education exchange for over a decade. The University of Alberta is grateful to His Highness the Aga Khan for a gift in excess of $25 million that has made this spectacular new garden possible.

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