• Aga Khan Main Axis

    A series of waterfalls flow down from the terraces to the Calla Pond.

  • Aerial perspective over talar

    Aerial view of the Aga Khan Garden.

  • Upper terrace from Nahr

    Ground-level view of the Aga Khan Garden

  • Bagh Woodland Perspective

    An opening in the woods hosts a fountain which reflects the vast blue Alberta sky.

  • Amphitheater Perspective

    An amphitheater in a natural bowl presents new space for programs.

  • Chahar Bagh Perspective Upper Terrace

    The Chahar Bagh reflects the geometry of Islamic traditions.

  • Bustan Perspective

    The Bustan is an orchard of flowering trees surrounding the Calla Pond.

  • Mahtabi Perspective overlooking Calla Pond

    The terrace overlooks the Calla Pond.

  • Islamic Garden map with labels

    A labelled overview of the garden.

  • Islamic Garden map

    An overview of the sections in the Aga Khan Garden.

  • Winter Chadar Perspective

    Snow will emphasize the geometric structure of the Chahar Bagh.

The artist's renderings of the Aga Khan Garden above may not be accurate and are subject to change

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