September 18, 2021    
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Join Sound Vibes Yoga this fall in the beautiful Alpine Garden for a 60 minute Yang to Yin style practice. Yin and Yang are the Taoist concepts which describe the two relative qualities present in everything. Yin is more internal, passive, cooling and downward. Yang is more external, dynamic, warming and upward. When these qualities are balanced, we often feel grounded, quiet minded, and restored. This class is the perfect harmony of vinyasa yoga to promote circulation and vibrancy and yin yoga to settle into ultimate stillness. Our intention is for you to unwind and restore balance to the body, breath, and mind.

Cody Homa will be accompanying the class with music to help us drop deeper into the sacred space inside.

No yoga experience required! The class is suitable for all levels of practitioners. Bring layers and dress according to the weather! A blanket is always nice to use during savasana.

You are welcome to enjoy a relaxing, refreshing stroll through the Garden before or after your yoga class – admission is included with your ticket

Note:  Activities are planned with safety in mind. However, all activities are subject to changing health restrictions and may be cancelled.

Tickets $40 per person + tax, includes one hour yoga session and admission to the Garden.



Advance registration is required.
Coupons and passes are not eligible for this event.
This event is weather dependent. If class is cancelled due to rain-out, it will be rescheduled . We will contact participants by email if the event is cancelled or delayed due to rain.

For more information, email uabg.events@ualberta.ca or call 780-492-3138