August 24, 2020    
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Yoga in Aga Khan GardenRecharge, reset, and reconnect back to your true nature with a 60 minute full body restorative class in the beautiful Aga Khan Garden. In a society where go-go-go is the status quo, we are flipping the script, taking a note from nature, and slowing the practice down so we can restore balance to the body systems and mind. This class will help to release stress and stiffness by utilizing longer holds in postures, deep full breaths as we welcome in sensations of inner peace and deep relaxation. Cody Homa and Sebastian Bolessa will be accompanying the practice with live music, rhythm, and sound to help soothe the senses and focus the mind. 
This class is suitable for all levels of practitioners as modifications will be offered to ensure everyone has a safe variation of each posture to explore.
Capacity is limited, and participants will be carefully distanced for safety.


You are welcome to enjoy the Garden before or after your yoga class – admission is included with your ticket

Yoga from 7-8 pm in Aga Khan Garden
Beverages (non alcoholic) available for purchase 6:30-8:30 pm
Garden open  until  9 pm

Tickets $35.00 per person + tax, includes one hour yoga session and admission to the Garden.


Advance registration is required.
Coupons and passes are not eligible for this event.
This event is weather dependent. If a Monday class is cancelled due to rain-out, it will be rescheduled to Tuesday of the same week. We will contact participants by email if the event is cancelled or delayed due to rain.

For more information, email uabg.events@ualberta.ca or call 780-492-3138