Do you remember the last time you walked down a leafy pathway, dappled with sunlight?

Meandered among sweet-scented blossoms, watched clouds floating on the surface of a reflecting pond?  There is a feeling evoked by a visit to a botanic garden. You might call it serenity. Connection. Even joy.

From the first green shoots of spring to the fleeting flowers of summer, from colourful fall leaves to the quiet dormancy of winter, the plants in a garden give us a constant symphony of beauty.

What if you could capture that feeling of strolling through a botanic garden every day?

What’s better than receiving a bouquet?

Sure, a bouquet of flowers is awesome. For a little while. But imagine a charming box of sensory delights arriving in your mailbox every month. Something to await with anticipation. You’ll be opening a present you gave to yourself – gifts of the garden that will last long after a bouquet of flowers has wilted and faded away.

Introducing Garden in a Bottle Essential Oils

Garden in a BottleFrom the moment you open the lid, you’ll breathe in the spirit of the garden that goes into every drop of essential oil we make.

We grow and forage the flowers, seeds, bark and leaves for our essential oils, from the plants in the gardens, greenhouses and forests of the University of Alberta Garden. And you get pure, safe essential oils, made in small batches with attention and artistry.

No fillers and no chemical additives. Pure, unadulterated, high-quality oils, created for you, by people who are passionate about plants.

Grow your knowledge with every bottle

With every Garden in a Bottle Essential Oil, you’ll get the story behind the oil. Beautifully presented on a collector-worthy information card, you’ll learn how the plant ingredients have been used over the ages, fascinating plant facts, and insider knowledge on how your oil was produced. You’ll get tips for ways to use your essential oil. And you can even learn a little Latin!

What’s inside the box?

Every month, when you open your monthly Garden in a Bottle subscription box, you can expect to receive:

  • a pure, distinctive essential oil, distilled in small quantities at the University of Alberta Botanic Garden
  • beautifully-illustrated collector card with history of use, plant facts, tips for using your oils, and more
  • certificate of batch number – every oil we produce is trackable and documented
  • you can also expect a little something extra every month – a surprise to delight your senses

Be among the first to treat yourself to these botanic garden-grown essential oils.

Don’t delay! We are limiting our introductory offering to only 250 subscribers.

$60+ tax/month. Includes shipping.


Our first batch will start shipping in September 2020.

Garden in a Bottle Guarantee

We are committed to providing you with a highly satisfying experience. If at any time you are dissatisfied, we will make it right, with a replacement or a free extension of your subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time; you are under no contractual obligation.

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