Getting Around the Garden


The Garden is designed to be enjoyed at a walking pace, with many meandering pathways and areas just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed during a leisurely stroll. Over 80 acres of cultivated area means a lot of delightful ground to cover, so we recommend dressing for the weather, including comfortable walking shoes, a water bottle and a hat, for the most enjoyable experience.

NEW! Bee Line (Hop-on, Hop-off Tram Service)

New for 2018, welcome to the Bee Line, a tram service that loops around the Garden, with stops at key locations. Ideal for visitors who want to see it all but might find the whole garden too far to walk, or who have small children with little legs. Wristband required to use the Bee Line, available for purchase at the Gift Shop. Schedule varies and is subject to availability.
$2.50 per person | Children 2 & under free.

Note: The Bee Line is an unguided service. Its intended use is for patrons who are able to walk and enjoy the Garden, but would like some assistance getting between Garden areas. For guests who are unable to walk, we recommend taking one of our guided tours to enjoy the Garden from seated comfort throughout the tour.



An extensive brick pathway system makes much of the Garden accessible and enjoyable from wheelchairs and strollers. Some pathways have less-accessible surfaces (grass, wood chips, gravel, uneven surfaces, natural areas). Some areas have steep inclines or stairs where wheelchairs will require assistance.