NEW! Brunch Boxes

Family eating brunch What could possibly make you happier than a visit to the Garden? How about brunch!

You can add to your outdoor happy time at the Garden with a delicious Brunch Box, every Thursday through Sunday, until the end of September.

It couldn’t be simpler! Order your brunch and admission package in advance, and when you arrive at the Garden we’ll give you a box full of delicious local brunch fare. Set down a blanket, find a bench in the sunshine, or bring your folding chair. Then sit back, slow down, listen to the birdsong, and let nature work its magic while you enjoy.

Lovely add-ons are available, like smoked salmon with cream cheese and baguettes, mimosa kits, picnic blankets, handmade personalized cards and flower bouquets.

Brunch Box Packages include admission to the Garden, along with an individual box with an assortment of sweet and savoury brunch offerings, and a non-alcoholic beverage. See a Sample Menu

$60 adult | $35 child

  • Brunch Boxes include items that contain pork, dairy, gluten and nuts. At this time, we are unable to accommodate for allergies or special dietary requests.
  • Child Boxes contain a smaller portion of the adult  Brunch Box offerings.
  • Brunch Box Packages are available for booking every Thursday through Sunday in May (plus Victoria Day Monday) and June, between 10 am and 2 pm. 

Order Your Brunch Box Package

Note: Brunch bookings are available for the dates shown. Additional dates may be added.

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Brunch Box FAQs

What about allergies?

Brunch Boxes include items that contain pork, dairy and gluten. At this time, we are unable to accommodate for allergies or special dietary requests.

Do you offer vegetarian / vegan choices?

At this time, we have limited ability to offer substitutions or alternate menus. Stay tuned, as we will be refining our offerings in the future.

What’s in the box?

In each Brunch Box you will get a carefully curated assortment of sweet and savory brunch fare. Brunch boxes are designed for one person; children’s boxes contain smaller portions. Offerings include ham and gruyere croissant, mushroom and asiago quiche, watermelon Greek salad, saskatoon yogurt parfait, French apple tart, chocolate passionfruit choux pastry, and handmade chocolate drizzled pretzels. Non alcoholic beverage choices include coffee, tea, hot chocolate, lemonade, orange or apple juice or bottled water. Menu items are subject to change. Our boxes, plates and utensils are made of sustainable, compostable materials.  

How many people can be in a brunch party?

Maximum group size is 10. This number could change as health restrictions are updated.  Within that group, members must be from the same household, or two cohort households. Safe physical distancing of two meters must be maintained between anyone who is not from the same household. 

How long can we stay?

Your admission to the Garden is for two hours, and is included with your Brunch Package purchase.

Where can I eat my brunch?

You can enjoy your brunch anywhere in the Garden, as long as you maintain physical distancing of at least 2 meters from other parties. You can choose a bench, set down a blanket on the grass, or bring your own folding chairs. Picnic tables are not available at this time.

Can I bring my own drinks?

Outside alcohol is not permitted. We include a non-alcoholic beverage with your brunch, and you can add a Mimosa kit to your order at the time of booking.

Can I bring my own food?

Outside food is not permitted at the Garden, with the exception of bottled water and small snacks. 

I want to celebrate a special occasion. Can you help?

We sure can! We can help you customize your brunch experience with special touches like personalized cards and flowers. 

Is there anything I should bring?

To enjoy the Garden before or after your brunch, comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Because it’s summer in Alberta, mosquito repellent is a good idea, as well as outerwear to be prepared for any kind of weather. You can also bring your own blanket or folding chairs to sit on, or you can purchase one of our picnic blankets at the time of ordering.

What is the cancellation policy?

Up to 8 am on the date of your brunch, if you need to cancel:

  • you can reschedule to another date, or
  • arrange curbside pickup of your box the same day (includes admission passes for a future visit to the Garden)

After 8 am on the date of your brunch:

  • you can arrange for curbside pickup of your Brunch Box the same day (includes admission passes for a future visit to the Garden)
  • if there is a severe weather warning issued by Environment Canada, the Garden may cancel brunches. We will notify you by phone and you can get curbside pickup (with admission passes for a future visit), or reschedule to another date
  • if the weather becomes suddenly inclement during your brunch and you wish to leave, you can take your box home and we will give you admission passes for a future visit

There are no refunds for brunches.

Any rules I should know about?

You can help to keep the Garden a beautiful, special place by leaving your eating area clean. Smoking (of any kind) and pets are not permitted. Please check our Visitor Guidelines before you come. 

For more information, contact or call 780-492-3138